2010 Winners of Flounder Frenzie and Dixie Chicken
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Shonda Tucker from Badin, NC 5.72lb flounder
Flounder Frenzie winner of $2500 donated by Marine Service Center
Largest Flounder Inshore Division
Lady Angler Inshore Division

Kyle Hughes and Nathaniel Hughes from Nakina, NC
1st Place Aggregate Inshore Division

Brian and Austin Aycock from Ocean Isle Beach, NC
2nd Place Aggregate Inshore Division

Dr. Jeff Wallen, Joshua Wallen and Dr. Hal Capps from Myrtle Beach, SC
3rd Place Aggregate Inshore Division

Cameron Fonvielle from Hillsboro, NC
Largest Spanish

Skylar Hribar on left from North Myrtle Beach, SC
Junior Angler Inshore Division

Walter Neal (center) from Rock Hill, SC
1st Place Aggregate Offshore Division
Largest Wahoo
Largest Tuna

Rick Edwards (center) from Whiteville, NC
2nd Place Aggregate Offshore Division
Largest King

Wayne Huggins (left) from North Myrtle Beach, SC
3rd Place Aggregate Offshore Division

Mark Poff (right)
Largest Dolphin Offshore Division

Debbie Williams (center) from Columbia, SC
Lady Angler Offshore Division

Chase Carnes from Monroe, NC
Junior Angler Offshore Division on his first offshore tournament
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Robert Hughes from Ocean Isle Beach, SC
Largest Seatrout
2009 Winners of Flounder Frenzie and Dixie Chicken

Mark Becker & crew on 'No Problem'
Dixie Chicken Largest Dolphin

Debbie Denny (R) on 'Monbo'
Dixie Chicken Offshore Lady Angler

Katie Coggleshall on the 'Anna Wilds'
Dixie Chicken Inshore Lady Angler

Austin Aycock and sons, Brian & Brandon
on the 'Double Trouble'
Dixie Chicken Inshore 1st Place

Fred Davis on the 'Turn It Up'
Winner NMB Chamber Flounder Frenzie
Dixie Chicken Largest Flounder

Skylar Rhibar (center) on the 'Bite Me'
Dixie Chicken Inshore Junior Angler

Landon Dixon on the 'Connie Gail'
Dixie Chicken Offshore Junior Angler

Mark Poff and crew on the 'Mark Poff Fishing Team'
Dixie Chicken Offshore 1st Place
Dixie Chicken Largest Wahoo

Cory Thorne and crew on the 'Two Tac'
Dixie Chicken Largest King

2008 Winners of Flounder Frenzie and Dixie Chicken

Largest Seatrout
Bryan and Katie Coggeshall

1st and 2nd Place Inshore winners at scoreboard from left Nesbit Noble, Scott Quaintance, Brandon Sauls, Mark Staci these boys are best of friends, Scott and Nesbit beat them by .06

Ola-Bea Lefler winner of Flounder Frenzie ($2500 sponsored by Marine Service Center) Mickey Thompson of Marine Service Center on left and Marc Jordan, President of NMB Chamber on right.

Capt James Wasson (Capt Crunch to friends) far left with crew-winners offshore.

2nd Place offshore Capt. Jeff Drake, 2nd from left with crew, Michelle Evans, center, Lady Angler (her wahoo).

Offshore Junior Angler, Kaleb Sloan.

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2007 Offshore Winners
1st Place AggregateWayne Huggins66.66 lbs
2nd Place AggregateRobbie Lazarus62.20 lbs
3rd Place AggregateRandy Warlick60.02 lbs
Largest KingBob Pyle16.30 lbs
Largest WahooRobbie Lazarus45.20 lbs
Largest TunaDrew Shytle21.48 lbs
Largest DophinScot Saunders21.96 lbs
Lady Angler Jane "Gus" Flatt 34.84 lbs Wahoo
Junior AnglerBlakeney Jackson29.92 lbs Wahoo
Runner-Up Junior AnglerJohn Martini19.56 lbs Dolphin
3rd Place Junior AnglerGrayson McManus14.46 lbs Dolphin
2007 Inshore Winners
1st Place AggregateCapt. Brandon Sauls / Bone Crusher9.52 lbs
2nd Place AggregateFred Davis 8.12 lbs
3rd Place AggregateBill Hussey7.24 lbs
Largest FlounderRichard Moore5.14 lbs
Largest TroutCapt. Brandon Sauls6.3 lbs
Largest SpanishHarry Garrison4.08 lbs
Junior AnglerForrest Floyd3.18 lbs Flounder
Runner-Up Junior AnglerThomas Jenkins1.74 lbs Trout
3rd Place Junior AnglerShonda Tucker1.48 lbs Flounder
Lady AnglerDawn Brown2.66 lbs Trout

2006 Offshore Winners
1st Place AggregateCapt. Jeff Drake / The Law72.12 lbs
2nd Place AggregateCapt. Larry Lynn / Sea Hunt66.58 lbs
3rd Place AggregateCapt. Jeff Martini / Team Martini63.82 lbs
Largest KingCapt. Jeff Martini9.08 lbs
Largest WahooJeff Drake / Michelle Evans53.80 lbs
Largest DophinBob Farris28.48 lbs
Lady Angler Michelle Evans 53.80 lbs Wahoo
Junior AnglerBlakeney Jackson10.32 lbs Dolphin
2006 Inshore Winners
1st Place AggregateCapt. Brandon Sauls / Bone Crusher8.3 lbs
2nd Place AggregateBobby Smith 3.74 lbs
3rd Place AggregateChris Kelley3.68 lbs
Largest FlounderBobby Smith3.74 lbs
Largest TroutCapt. Brandon Sauls6.5 lbs
Largest SpanishMichael Jenkins1.42 lbs
Junior AnglerBlakeney Jackson2.40 lbs Flounder
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